North Deering Veterinary Hospital is happy to start allowing clients back into the building.
As we are trying to do the best we can to keep our staff healthy and continue to serve our patients and clients, please be respectful and only ask to come into the building if you are healthy and have no known COVID exposure.  Please continue to follow CDC guidelines and quarantine for 5 days if you are COVID positive. 
Please request curbside service if you have any illness or have had known exposure to COVID, even if you test COVID negative.  Or, ask someone without symptoms to bring your pet for you.    
Please be respectful that we are all trying to keep ourselves healthy and wear a mask, or be willing to have a curbside appointment performed.
We still ask that only one client bring the animal in for all appointments other than end-of-life decisions.
We are following Maine state CDC guidelines and may need to adjust our policy throughout this next year.  We may request masks and we will be able to provide you with one, and we may need to provide only curbside even if appointments were scheduled inside the hospital if the geographic COVID status changes.