Surgery at North Deering Veterinary Hospital is performed in our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art surgery suites. Spays, neuters, and elective soft tissue surgery are among the services available. Each procedure starts with our staff treating your pet as if they were our own. We will make a careful evaluation of your pet. This ensures their surgery can be made as safe as possible for them. A full physical examination and, where indicated, pre-operative blood testing are used to try to pinpoint any underlying problems that would make surgery riskier. Based upon this information, an individual anesthetic plan is created for your pet. Intravenous fluids, warm-water heating pads, and advanced instruments to monitor your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate/rhythm, and oxygen levels are all ways that we can use to try to make your pet’s surgery as safe as possible.



Many pet owners are unaware of specialization in veterinary medicine although they are quite familiar with it in human medicine. A specialist in veterinary medicine is quite similar to their human counterpart. Both have gone through additional years of study and training to dedicate themselves to their chosen area. As the human physician will refer patients to a surgeon for complicated procedures, veterinary practitioners refer surgical cases to a veterinary surgeon.